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the 2 beats

For some reason I can't seem to play and my screen is filled with a big purple screen with text that says 'Press left and right to dodge the attacks'. Does anyone know why this might happen?


after 32hours of traning i can pass the third music on normal

its nice, but the easy is hard!! and i love it!!! good luck on yours games!

amazing game holy shit the songs are amazing I love it 11/10 amazing

Coolest game ever but I´ll re label the diffculty settings:

Easy - eh, bit hard

Normal - This is hard

Hard - Impossible


This game is fucking hard but its so fun and the music slaps


Everhood 2 leak


this is hard but like,,, dude,,, its such a vibe




10/10! I love the art style, the music, and the challenge! keep up the good work!


great game love it 10/10


this is the only game who take my anger out


Does anyone know the controls for the game


press tab and you will see the controls


arrows to move x to jump z to swing to hit red blocks

super awesome game all the way

This game is so polished oh my GOD. and the music! It's so good....


is this everhood?


this is clearly not everhood but the gameplay is that of everhood end game

Damn this is good


I can tell this game is amazing despite having actually beaten the first song on normal yet, but I wanted to comment to report a bug where if you pause while you're "respawning" after dying, the game will continue to play despite being paused.

I didn't play the original game, but I can tell that you have made a fantastic work

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it not fit on my screen,and i pretty sure the control like z must be jump and x must be slice

this game really caught me by surprise, it's literally everhood but the beats are so much better

source code?

Such an amazing game! Very stylish!


Nice game, congrats!

This game is beautifullay done and has great game mechanics and awesome music.

in the 32 bit version the levels dont load

it doesn't fit on my screen and i can't resize the window

This is amazingly fun. I normally don't go for these kind of games, but I am finding myself hooked on this one. 

My suggestion is to remove hit stun


pls i want more maps.. espcially .. youro no kakeru -yoasobi


this is a calliope mori fangame lol

This is really fun! I hope you make Maps of Demondice songs as well! 

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I can't select a song by using z. However, the rest of the menu works. Plz help.

Really good ! even tho the last two are sooooo hard

Can't wait for more maps, 10/10 

8/10  game. art is good , fun gameplay, and good music  

When i download it and play it nothing is showing up the map is just gone

Hello everyone.



this is what is feels like to be sans from undertale lol


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