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hello... I like this project, but the color difference between the attacks and the flor make all so small than becomes all difficult and frustrating. I prefer play Everhood again XD

this is too hard and idk the controls or what to do sucky game

It's not like your keyboard has infinite keys


Move: Left and Right Arrow Keys/D and F keys

Jump: X/J


It's not that complicated but having a control scheme listed somewhere isn't hard either so i don't blame you

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the songs are so amazing I went to youtube music and got all the song on this plus  some more including  Gawr Gura

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When you realize the the grim reaper is a live streamer is the 'easy' song 

have problems with the resolution

JUST GOT S RANK ON CURSED NIGHT (easy mode but still)

the same for me!


good. but aint this just everhood accept i dont feel bad for winning

this feels like sans vs chara lol

On the hope level released in 1.1.0, was it removed? and what was the level for, because I found it and never knew what to do

Yeah it was removed. It was a reference to D10 Myths, another game I made that I was working on at the time :D

Oh, ok thank you!


Here's my review!

This game is amazing. It makes me want to rip my hair out, then remove my scalp, and then peel off all of my skin, in that order. 

how do you go full screen

i suck at the game,  but it's great


HOW the FUCK am I (the guy with the skill issue) supposed to s-rank ANY OF THIS 

Even easy mode is super difficult for me ;-;

SAME but it is so addicting and fun

You're right I can't stop playing it 

This is the definition of insanity

Wait, there is an easy mode?

for some songs yes

im plaing this game a lot and i noticed something, when there is some lag and you a obstacule, it not counts as you jump , and counts like there is nothing

hehe, you discovered something you are not allowed to talk about

can you add more songs :D

Guys how do I play this game D: I can't figure it out

press tab and see the inputs

i lovee this gameeeee i wish there where more songs and more easy levels :D

put mods


cant get it too full screen help

and finished the  all songs


damn ur insane

i got no life, just that

the last music looks like an anime intro

can you post the last version that was just deadbeat and there is spam jump and my perfect score?

im sad that i cant spam jump without dying  now, its was cool


hi fie!

 i cant finish the songs because i lose health when i jump..

can you but it in an effect and remove it from the main game?

and you can add KING by gawr gura and Calliope Mori :)


I play this game mainly on my school Chromebook, and it's unplayable. The new update made it lag so badly on my Chromebook. Still a good game, but I can't play it any more on here.

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Oh, strange. It's probably some of the visual effects added. I'll look into making a setting to disable those. Sorry about that.

Thanks. The game is really good though.

Also, I downloaded it on my home PC, and it can't fullscreen, and the bottom half of my screen won't show. Do you know why?


if youre stuck play the first song

i clear the game bro, need help?

found a bug, if you pause right when you enter a stage, it will show the pause menu, but the stage will not pause,

Thanks for reporting the bug! It's fixed on the new version.

How do I play? I can't figure it out D:


In the menu, the controls are in the bottom bar of the screen. You can play the first map for a tutorial on the game mechanics.

So what are the odds of more tracks being added in the future because I would love to play through songs like Q and NEZUMI Scheme

Hi! Added the maps "Red" and "Q" in Encore 1!

"Nezumi Scheme" is definitely one I want to feature in the future.


Red is one of if not my favorite song's from Calli so I can wait for Nezumi scheme if that's the trade off here


all cleared in 100%


Is ther any way to listen to the music in this game on spotify or somthing. it vuld be realy helpful if someone answered, because al the songs are total bangers

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This game uses pre-existing music from a V-tuber called Mori Calliope, You can find almost all of these songs on her channel. The only one you can't find on her channel is the "Solkatt-p remix" You'll find that one separately.

i finished rip song lol

realy good but it can even better if you add more variation of obstécal

Damn, this shit is SO HARD UGHHH welcome to my skill issue

finally mastered the game


can I play it on full screen?

You can toggle fullscreen in the game setttings.

you can spam jump on the part where the bosses spam the jumpable obsticales

nice choice of music. i Like it


u can just spam x and z lol

it dont work with me lol

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