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Its good, just.. hitstun? really? its a fun game and i get it the hitstun is a challenge to not get stunned, but if youre in a rhythm it kills you.

love the game tho


uh, not to be rude, but anyone know a game like this thats also on itch and u can play on browser



my fps when in game : 3, take it or leave it

my fps when in menu : ascended

i mean

i hate hololive, flame me idc, but damn i love this game, and the music but meh music could be better but still its still a bop

only "complaint" i have is that the jump button is 

i shit you not, too fast, and i feel like when iget hit in the jumping sections, i die because there's a "stun" ig you could say? but yeah im also not the best at rythm games, i can beat fnf tricky and matt songs ig, 

ima go beat first level


This is a great game and can I suggest that can you put Ijimeko Bully,Live Again and Red in next update or its on development.


First, I think this is a great game, and I would expect to pay money for a game like this. but I would like to know how did you sync the music with the obstacles?


The charting was done by hand. I first map it with the spawning of the attacks on rhythm, and then move the entire chart forward, so that it's the player dodging and not the attacks appearing that are in sync.


Are there any programs you use besides the game engine to make this?


yo this shit fuckin banging i wish i could give you two bucks right now but me literally broke so :( but if i get the chance I'm totally fucking supporting this i wanna see this shit be made into somethin amazing but that doesn't mean I don't have gripes about it the jumping is extremely fast  but I haven't played everhood so I have more or less nothing to base it of of and the hit sound is a little loud but over all fucking sick whoever made this you are an epic gamer


In the first level i was like: Ok not bad, a little hard but nothing  impossible. The second and third were play & chill, but if someone can beat "So Katt-P remix", he/she/god, have my respects.


honestly one of my favorite games


I really like this game, but Imma just say two things anyways that are kinda negitive to the game its self.

1. the songs are not in a order of difficulty on the menu, but that's not too bad to be fair.

2. The last song is way to difficult to do, mainly due to: The jump key isn't the best at all times, it goes way too fast for its own good, its fair to say that it would be impossible without the only one of the two modifiers that help you as far as I'm aware of.

That's all I got. overall on a scale of 1 - 10, id say this is a 9, and personally, I suggest anyone to play this, but then again this is subject to bias, I like my low pixel rates.

I agree


I’ll be back


Sinceramente me gustaba más el otro mapa de la primera canción porque este mapa esta muy facil ya me lo pase como 3 o 4 veces maso menos 


After selecting a song, you can click the arrow down and select the difficulty. The "normal" difficulty is the same map that was in the previous version.


this is such a cool everhood-like game! hope calli'll play the game one day. maybe if there's more stuff in here, maybe?


very cool Everwood style game!


desde mi opinion, no se que decir por que el juego me encanta y todo pero hay veces que es muy falsos los saltos


To anyone playing this game: Try the downloaded Windows version if you're having a hard time on the browser. I guarantee you its worth it


I Rate This Crap Because This Game Looks Preety Good. And The Game Plan Also Quite Good. I Like The Idia. But After I Launched The Game. I Knew That The Game's Controls Are Gonna Be Weard. But I Didn't Tought That It Would Be That Bad... Problems List- 1- Key Response Is Preety Low While Jumping

2- Why "Z" And "X" While There Are So Many More Buttons?

3- This Game Is Going To Be Hard Because Of The Crappy Controls

4- You Should Use An Pixel.ttf Font For This Game. ( not a big problem )

Things That I Really Loved-

1- Art Style

2- Game Plan

3- Music (Mostly)

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Only point that I agree with you is point 1 and that is only on the WebGL version, input is super responsive if you actually tried the Windows version . Z and X  controls are one of the most intuitive controls if you played any 2D side scroller. NOT every pixel game must have a pixel font, it is an artstyle choice and I think it looks really clean and goes well with the aesthetics. I would appreciate if you don't call games crap when you can clearly see the effort being poured into the game thanks

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The game itself is nice, love Calli's music. Love the look and style and the animations are nice.

HOWEVER; it is NEEDLESSLY DIFFICULT. I'm going to be the more critical reviewer and say what needs to be said, whether it feels mean or not. Go ahead and downvote me.

You definitely didn't cater this to her average fans but only to some extreme, die-hard players. I can promise you that over 95% of players won't be able to get through without having to turn on the Apprentice option to avoid dying, and I am an avid lover of rhythm games.

All of the obstacles have to be avoided OFF BEAT, which goes against the instincts of every rhythm gamer. You can't see anywhere near enough of the track to be able to avoid everything coming your way, guaranteeing that you die unless you invest a LOT of time into learning each track. It also doesn't help that the input feels rather slow. Combined with the off-beat dodging and having to jump 3 spaces in a single beat sometimes and having to hit pink obstacles all the while, it makes for a very frustrating experience.

Love the idea, but you made this too frustrating for the majority of people to enjoy, so it ends up leaving them with a rather sour experience. It has the potential to be great, but as it is right now, it has to be reworked if you want a lot of people to enjoy it. You know there's a tad of a problem when most of the comments are in regards to the difficultly of the game play.

Nice game but this is a extreme mode game.


how the heck do I even play


You click Run Game? Or you download it and unzip the file and run the .exe file?

If you need instructions on how to play... look in the bottom left?


THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN OMF my fingers hurt from spamming the jump button sm- it was so cool tho! off with their heads and solkatt-p remix were my favorites oh my god- it was insane its literally so cool. 10/10, amazing, chefs kiss


We checked out v1.00 of this game and had a lot of fun, thank you for making this! Really enjoyed the concept and visuals, everything looks super clean! Hope to see more songs and more difficulty options down the line :D


Thanks! Super fun to see you guys play it ! !


Juegazo 10/10

(Too difficult)

soooo good you need to release it to mobile

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i adore this game already, and i've only been playing for around an hour. the songs are good, i love the look, and the attacks are clear. i understand that not everyone enjoys the hard-as-nails difficulty, but personally i really like it.

however, the controls can feel unresponsive and sluggish, and often i take damage from the game throwing something unfair, such as moving 2 spaces in one beat, rather than just my own mistakes. hitting things off beat feels off as well, as it goes against most rhythm gamer's instincts. 

i would love to see this game improve, it's honestly really fun, and i'd like to see it reach it's full potential.

edit: i almost forgot to compliment the camera work! it really adds a little something  i think.

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Hi I'm struggling to figure out the controls. can someone please help me? ^^"

For menu controls, you can see them at the footer of the game, but basically they are arrow keys to move and Z to select.

For in-game controls, please play the first map of the list, the Tutorial. It explains the mechanics and the controls.


Okay, so, I played this for about an hour and I want to discuss how I felt about it.
First off, let's start with the good points.

The game's pixel art and visuals are amazing. I adore the aesthetic of the game in both the design and animation. I cannot express this enough, the game is Beautiful. The visual style alone really made me want to praise this game so much more. Also, the songs are fun to listen too, I caught myself sitting in the menu vibing out to the simple menu BGM the entire time writing this.

However, that is about the most good I can say about the games design. Let's discuss the gameplay.

I want to start off by saying that I hope all my critisism comes off as 100% constructive and I do not mean to bash the developer, mearly express my thoughts.

The game is excessively difficult, to the point of me genuinely feeling like nearly 99.9% of players wouldn't be likely to complete a single song in the list without having the No-Fail or "Apprentice" setting active.

Everything that the gameplay relies on goes directly ageinst most all relfexes and common sense that a rhythm gamer relies on. Most every obsticle needs to be avoided off-beat rather then on-beat. You cannot see nearly enough of the track to feasibly know what is coming before it is too late. Jumping over the jump notes needs to be done Before the note actually reaches you, rather then on-beat. All of these things result is a very nearly impossible to complete, and overwhelmingly frustrating experiance for rhythm game fans.
The last thing I must add is about the controls. The game's controls aren't nearly responsive enough to keep up with half of what you're trying to do. Ive noticed many many many times where I would do an input, get hit, and have that input persist after the hit and then activate, causing me to get hit again. This would continue until whatever section I was in was over. The Z/X  input of the game is fine, but you really need to be able to rebind the left/right movement off of LeftArrow/RightArrow as having to spread your fingers for those two inputs in uncomfortable.

TL/DR: The visuals and music are awesome, but the gameplay needs a HEAVY rework to be even remotely completable without the no-fail mode active. I can see the passion put into this game and want to love it, but its just too frustrating of an experiance.


I would like to second  this, since it basically covers what I would say. The game itself is good, but it needs to be more responsive and the levels need remapping. A good example is in "The Grim Reaper is a Live-Streamer", where you're expected to move three spaces in  a single beat, something the game isn't responsive enough for. And as Krail said, the jumps are almost always better to just avoid rather than jump over, since you have to jump off beat, rather than to the beat, which goes against every rhythm bone in my body.

Again, the game itself is great. It needs reworking because in its current state it doesn't feel like a rhythm game, rather a bullethell with music in the background. I don't mean to bash the game, though. Like Kraid said, the visuals are amazing, and I think with enough reworking this could be a really good rhythm game. It's hard to hit the pink obstacles since most of the time you're just trying to avoid whatever comes at you, but they're easy to see, and while the gameplay doesn't feel fair, I can still make out what's happening.

But like I said at the beginning, basically everything else has already been said. Good game, but it doesn't feel very fair

I beat the tutorial on hardcore & phantom so.... 


...did anyone else find a weird secret song after the "more maps" thing? Well, it's not really a song, it just shows this weird monster before ending, with the "main menu" and "play again" being changed to "rewrite"... I am unsure if that appearance was intentional or if it's an easter egg or a bug but it was really weird...


Nice animations and UI! Great visuals! Unfortunately the gameplay is so hard it feels unfair. Specifically the timing on the obstacles doesn't feel quite right, like to dodge the slash attacks I have to jump way earlier than it feels I should. That, combined with the fast, tricky rhythms makes it really frustrating. Aside from the tutorial, I never made it more than 20 seconds into a song without dying. Tell me to git gud or whatever if you want, it's just too hard for me, and I feel like I'm usually pretty decent at rhythm games. Sorry for the criticism! It definitely feels like a lot of love and hard work went into the game, and it's certainly beautiful!


Make a 32bit version pls :<

A 32bit version is now available to download!


this is to hard for beginner's imo but since this is a fangame i would understand why you wouldn't be a beginner

anyways i thought the charting was good, the overall visuals are great, good game


Love it but damn it's brutal difficulty wise.


Game name checks out. These songs are great to perish to!


This is so difficult that I had to turn on the no death mode immediately, but i didn't even care because the visuals were so beautiful that I just sat there, unmoving, through the entire song. Amazing game!!


i think i'm the last person who's allowed to complain that someone else's fangame is too hard

but damn dude lol


That's payback for that Red Heart level. I'm now the one laughing ! !


Actually really good! The visuals of the songs are amazing, and the charting is on point. It's just way too hard for me qwq


Very well made!

I'd like to suggest making the colors of the obstacles stand out more. On some maps the colors of the floor and the bars/walls are very similar and can be hard to see


Animations really cool and songs are good too but 0.01% of players will enjoy playing it. I would suggest you to create at least 3 types of levels (easy/normal/hard) that actually change the amount of hurdles coming in the screen. Anyways. I'll wait for a next game of yours and hope I can stay alive and have fun


I like the game :D

My only dislike is the pace is way to fast for the quickly moving left and right movements, you need to have rapid fingers to dodge the barriers, maybe adding a longer board to show more upcoming barriers and jumps. Takes away from enjoying the songs while trying to stay alive.


Oh my god, I'm terrible at this, can't get past 7 seconds in a song lol.

Maybe I'll do better in the downloadable version. Wish me luck!

Nonetheless, great work on the game!

Thanks ! If you're struggling, you can use the "apprentice" modifier to learn the maps without having to manage your health.

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