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This game is beautifullay done and has great game mechanics and awesome music.

in the 32 bit version the levels dont load

it doesn't fit on my screen and i can't resize the window

This is amazingly fun. I normally don't go for these kind of games, but I am finding myself hooked on this one. 

My suggestion is to remove hit stun


pls i want more maps.. espcially .. youro no kakeru -yoasobi


this is a calliope mori fangame lol

This is really fun! I hope you make Maps of Demondice songs as well! 

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I can't select a song by using z. However, the rest of the menu works. Plz help.

Really good ! even tho the last two are sooooo hard

Can't wait for more maps, 10/10 

8/10  game. art is good , fun gameplay, and good music  

When i download it and play it nothing is showing up the map is just gone

Hello everyone.



this is what is feels like to be sans from undertale lol


game looks nice but i sadly cant play it bc my monitor is just too small for it :c

Did you try making the browser full screen (f11) or try zooming the site

im not playing in browser, i downloaded it but ig i can try f11 ? ill write back to let you know how it went

welp it doesnt work. thanks for the tip tho :3

if you are good and you want to get better grind on cursed night!

i seem to be confused, where are the controls?

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controls are all taught in first level.

really fun game imo

yes, im stupid i didnt know that the first one is the tutorial so i ended up navigating for 2 days

this game is grate the music/ game play is awesome but the only issue i have is that it gets a bit lagy at times 

where can u find the sound track

I really enjoy this game, I really enjoy the music too! Keep up the good work!

This game is actually incredible, tho I would HIGHLY appreciate it if there was a calibration tool cause it feels a little offbeat for me. ^w^

Actully fire game!


this is great :)


i beat every song except the last 2 in a row, cuz 1, i cant with camera angles switching, confuses me everytime

and just no, im not doing the hard difficulty one, jesus, just no


Really nice game. The music turned off, was I supposed to finish the song or was the song the end of it and I get my score? The jumps were low and stiff. I wish it was more frequent in use.

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nice game. agree with others, jump is quite stiff and should really remove hitstun


Please help! My game worked for a while, but I accidently launched it twice, it crashed, and now no matter what I do, the game opens up very small with only the windows bar accessible and I can't resize it in any way! Is there a solution to reset the resolution or anything...? I can hear music playing :(

I love the game but the jump is too small is there a way to fix this?

If I click the jump or attack bottom too rapidly, It is difficult for me to be hit by obstacles on the ground, but sometimes I will die directly by pressing these two keys at the same time. I think it may be because you set an invincible frame at the end of each keystroke or other reasons.


Its good, just.. hitstun? really? its a fun game and i get it the hitstun is a challenge to not get stunned, but if youre in a rhythm it kills you.

love the game tho


uh, not to be rude, but anyone know a game like this thats also on itch and u can play on browser



my fps when in game : 3, take it or leave it

my fps when in menu : ascended

i mean

i hate hololive, flame me idc, but damn i love this game, and the music but meh music could be better but still its still a bop

only "complaint" i have is that the jump button is 

i shit you not, too fast, and i feel like when iget hit in the jumping sections, i die because there's a "stun" ig you could say? but yeah im also not the best at rythm games, i can beat fnf tricky and matt songs ig, 

ima go beat first level


This is a great game and can I suggest that can you put Ijimeko Bully,Live Again and Red in next update or its on development.


First, I think this is a great game, and I would expect to pay money for a game like this. but I would like to know how did you sync the music with the obstacles?


The charting was done by hand. I first map it with the spawning of the attacks on rhythm, and then move the entire chart forward, so that it's the player dodging and not the attacks appearing that are in sync.


Are there any programs you use besides the game engine to make this?


yo this shit fuckin banging i wish i could give you two bucks right now but me literally broke so :( but if i get the chance I'm totally fucking supporting this i wanna see this shit be made into somethin amazing but that doesn't mean I don't have gripes about it the jumping is extremely fast  but I haven't played everhood so I have more or less nothing to base it of of and the hit sound is a little loud but over all fucking sick whoever made this you are an epic gamer


In the first level i was like: Ok not bad, a little hard but nothing  impossible. The second and third were play & chill, but if someone can beat "So Katt-P remix", he/she/god, have my respects.


honestly one of my favorite games


I really like this game, but Imma just say two things anyways that are kinda negitive to the game its self.

1. the songs are not in a order of difficulty on the menu, but that's not too bad to be fair.

2. The last song is way to difficult to do, mainly due to: The jump key isn't the best at all times, it goes way too fast for its own good, its fair to say that it would be impossible without the only one of the two modifiers that help you as far as I'm aware of.

That's all I got. overall on a scale of 1 - 10, id say this is a 9, and personally, I suggest anyone to play this, but then again this is subject to bias, I like my low pixel rates.

I agree

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