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Why not make the walls a gravestone, at least for some songs? Thought it might fit

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EDIT: I downloaded this game later, (I had been playing it on the web version) and it won't go fullscreen and I can't see part of the game. Does anyone know why?


if you're still working on this keep it up  im being serious this some of the best music i've listen in a long time keep on making these sick bangers.


The skeleton you play as reminds me of Sans


I don't know if you're still working on this game, but if you are, I think UnAlive would be a perfect song to add to the game.


I agree with you 


what's the secret song all about? i thought it might have been a test song but it's appearance is at a chance. does it do anything? is there a meaning behind it?

While I'm completely new to Hololive and never played Everhood, this soundtrack-appealing rhythm ish game has me coming back to it over and over again! The gameplay concept, even though "borrowed", shows promising potential to be further developed on. For now, my most notable remarks are one: if unintentional, which I assume it is, remove the cheese-ish ability to spam jump when dodging slashes; and, of course, keep up the good work! I await for new maps and updates. :)

Yo what grade triangle mean?


I believe you're talking about the A grade. It appears as a triangle due to the font used. Hope this helps. :)


omg am an idiot thanks

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Why, you're welcome! :D



Love this game, reminds me of games like Geometry dash crossed with subway surfers, and as I loved those game as a young child, I believe that this game is incredible.

Plus,easy mode is hard enoughD:

Incredibly hardTAT

The songs are cool!I like the girl's voice!Nice gameXD

gud game


If anyone is wondering the controls appear when you already start the game in the menu screen.

Z - Confirm

X - Back

Tab - Config (even more control keys)

Also this is a very impressive game 


simply perfect


My thoughts on this game are a blend of mixed and positive. I'll just say out of the box that I am probably not the right audience for this game, apparently it's a fan game for something I don't know anything about. 

With that said, I enjoyed this quite a lot! It doesn't really to too much different from Everhood, but that's clearly the point, it's a sort of reskin with a totally different aesthetic, which seems to be the thing this game is trying to do. The aesthetic of this game is the best part of this game, the mixed fonts and scrappy yet clean nature of the interface and artwork is super appealing and I liked seeing all of the new things this game was showing.

The gameplay is good. However, there's a problem that I think even Everhood faces, which is that I don't feel like I'm going with the beat at times. This is a rhythm game, yet I don't feel like what I'm doing is alongside a beat. There's an obvious explanation for this, which is the design of it, it's guitar hero but you're trying to avoid the notes that fly at you. The game is built around avoiding things and while this can work, it means that people will play efficiently rather than playing alongside the beat, because avoiding things requires options (which this game has at times) and those options ask which would be the most efficient way to execute. Either way, I still had fun avoiding things, even if I didn't enjoy the fact that the rhythm element wasn't present.

The music was good, I know that the music was made by someone else (that I think is a part of the fandom this game is in). I'm not a huge fan of rap, but those parts where the melody kicks in are enough for me to enjoy it. There's not much else to talk about it though.

Sorry for the long winded review on this lol, thanks for your time.

I love this game, its just the perfec just dance whith xbox controlle

I think I have a new favortite Game. Thx man 👍

I think you'd like Everhood, then!

Cool... Idk what Game that is

It's the game Deadbeat was inspired by. You should try it out sometime!

Where can I get it and what does it cost?

You can get it on Steam or the Nintendo Switch for around $10.


this is so cool im trying to get my friends into it but they don't like it but I'm just curious if im the only one that notices that the gut or girl we play as looks like sans



this is cool and all but whats the appeal of hololive its just 3d anime women thats it and like half of them are actually dudes


this is so good 


Everyone saying its so hard must really be bad at these types of games

Bro, shut up. You probably were grinding for hours off-camera to beat those.

I wish, that game was piss easy. Only like 1 level was actually a challenge


beat the game in just a few hours, its an amazing way to spend extra time. 5/5

the 2 beats

For some reason I can't seem to play and my screen is filled with a big purple screen with text that says 'Press left and right to dodge the attacks'. Does anyone know why this might happen?


after 32hours of traning i can pass the third music on normal

its nice, but the easy is hard!! and i love it!!! good luck on yours games!

amazing game holy shit the songs are amazing I love it 11/10 amazing

Coolest game ever but I´ll re label the diffculty settings:

Easy - eh, bit hard

Normal - This is hard

Hard - Impossible


This game is fucking hard but its so fun and the music slaps


Everhood 2 leak


this is hard but like,,, dude,,, its such a vibe




10/10! I love the art style, the music, and the challenge! keep up the good work!


great game love it 10/10


this is the only game who take my anger out

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