version 1.3 - "am drip"

Hi, it's been a while. This update brings the new outfits the girls got last month to the game (you still need to unlock them), and a new section based on Kevin Stevens game "Smol Ame".

  • New "DRIP" sprites for the party members, that appear both in the overworld and while in combat;
  • 5 new enemies;
  • 1 new optional boss;
  • 1 new section - "Other dimension" (based on Smol Ame);
  • 1 new tiny follower;
  • The game now can be played using a controller;
  • New setting called "True Size", I hope I don't get bonked too hard for this;
  • Absolutely no jumpscares were added;
  • Certain map layouts were slightly tweaked;
  • Some dialogues were slightly changed;
  • Audio bug where the BGM sometimes stopped playing or played the wrong track entirely is (hopefully) fixed;
  • "Coexist" cannot be used twice in battle;

With this version finally done, I want to move on and let the game stay like this. Not in terms of bugfixes, I'll still try my best to fix the scuffed bugs I end up finding. In terms of content, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. In the process of trying to make a game, I ended up making a big shitpost, and I love it.

So yeah, I'll move on to other projects with the knowledge I gained from this one.

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Jun 01, 2021 165 MB
Jun 01, 2021 160 MB
Jun 01, 2021

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