version 1.2 - "am dog" update

Hi! This update brings with it almost no new content to the table (yay!), besides a bunch of bug fixes and balancing tweaks. But hey, Takanashi Kiara, the enemy designer, came up with a sick new enemy, so I had to implement it.

  • Tab no longer quickly loads last save;
  • Battle encounters rate was reduced;
  • West Forest now shows a tutorial about running;
  • Absolutely no new hidden messages;
  • New enemy on route 4 - am dog (no dogs are harmed in a playthrough of this game, "am toast" simply means they're eating some delicious slice of bread!);
  • Enemy damage was slightly buffed;
  • Ina got an overall buff to her health and PHY stat (bonk);
  • Clicking multiple times on a dialogue text that triggers a combat encounter no longer causes the transition to freak out;
  • Changing between route 4444 and the Castle rapidly no longer de-spawns party members;
  • A clone of Ina no longer floats in the void outside her cottage (well, she still does, but now it's offscreen);
  • A bug where after getting Kiara on the team, the player was unable to move is (hopefully) fixed;
  • "Salt mines" passive was nerfed.
  • "Bottom left" passive was nerfed.
  • The end of the credits now takes less time, and the game now returns to the main menu instead of closing.

Now that this version is somewhat stable (fingers crossed), I can focus on adding some new content to the game. I have no plans to add anything to the endings, but I want to add some fun stuff to the middle of the game, before the cottage scene, where I think the game is at its weakest.  

I'm also aware that the replayability value of the game is quite low, so I want to make this new content accessible to players that already completed the game by simply loading the last save point.

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May 06, 2021

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