Version 1.1.0

Hello again! This update contains a bunch of quality of life updates and fixes (huge thanks to Janken), and also a new platform build!

  • All new web build, you can now play the game entirely on the browser;
  • Add ESC keyboard binding as an alternative to opening and closing the pause menu;
  • Pressing the pause button on the main menu now prompts you to confirm if you want to quit, instead of quitting instantly;
  • Rapidly teleporting between rooms no longer breaks the transition animation;
  • Run button no longer needs to be repressed when switching rooms;
  • Item and bonfire prompts no longer show up in front of neither the pause menu and the room transition animation;
  • Overworld enemies are now paused while in dialogue;
  • Overworld enemies are now paused while the player is in the pause menu;
  • Overworld enemies are now paused while the player is switching rooms;
  • Defeated enemies can no longer trigger battles again;
  • Enemies now have a "downed" sprite in the overworld;
  • Emotion sprites no longer show in front of objects that would otherwise be blocking said sprite;
  • Items no longer appear in front of other objects and characters;
  • Healthbar of a character no longer shows 0 hitpoints following a battle where the character was downed;
  • Tweaked bottom ravine event;
  • Skip button functionality was restored, and now no longer freezes the game while mashing it;
  • Tweaked the event parser to help with some strange cases where the ravine-top event would freeze the game when Altor gained control;

New episode next month, please anticipate it! :D

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