Version 1.0.1

Hey all! This is just a quick day 1 patch to fix some of the issues with the first release.

  • Changed ravine top event so it doesn't make Altor stuck sometimes;
  • At the end of battle, all downed party members get revived with 1 hitpoint;
  • Healing a character in battle now properly revives them;
  • Spiders no longer pummel each other;
  • Saves no longer keep the downed status of characters, they should always be alive in the overworld;
  • Hitpoint display on the healthbars was a little weird, it should be better now;
  • Using both buttons on a dialogue event to skip through it faster was locking the game, so the skip dialogue button was changed quite a bit;
  • Curiobot's collider was too dummy thicc to interact with bonfires, so it had to be nerfed;
  • Battle encounters can no longer trigger when transitioning between rooms;
  • The tutorial menu explaining critical dice was adjusted;
  • When the party team changed, the "always run" settings wasn't applying immediately to the new characters;
  • Overworld enemies now spawn slightly further away from room entrances;
  • Overworld enemies walk less distance;

Sorry for all the scuff with the first release. Please be patient with me, I'm just a little guy, y'know?

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Feb 13, 2023

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